Secrets in Keeping Your Car Away from Getting Fogs to Your Glass Windshields

There is a huge possibility that fogs can stay to your windshield and car’s windows it is because of the different temperature that your city has. Some people don’t know that summer could also be one of the seasons that could produce fogs to our cars or windows. This is for the reason that the weather temperature outside could be so high and the inside temperature of your car is too cold or low. It is the similar idea and explanation when winter comes.

If you don’t know so much about fogs then you need to read more things about this or browse some blogs and articles that can be a bit related to the foggy cycle and how they are being created and the proper ways to remove those kinds of problem to our cars. There are some ways to prevent this kind of dilemma that you have right now. Here are some secret tips that you can keep your car away from those fogs as soon as possible.

The simple way to avoid the fog from getting created is to shut off your air conditioner inside the car if you have noticed that the weather or temperature outside is too high. If you are not comfortable with having a humid or hot condition inside your car while driving. You may open the window of your car or just a partial opening of the window just to let the air get in.

If the fogs start to accumulate to the surface of your windshield then you need to use your wiper for the windshield. It helps to get and remove some of the fogs that stick there.

You may use a fan inside of your car to circulate the air it would not be suffocating for you to stay there inside that car or to help your friend or passenger to get air around them.

If you can’t resist the hotness then you may open and turn on your AC but put or set it to the normal temperature.

There are some people who would bring a cream for shaving and apply it to the surface of the windshield or to the glass area. You may use a towel or a piece of cloth to spread it evenly to the all over surface of the car.

You may always open your windows if you are on a road trip. In this way, it would also help you to conserve more on your gas or fuel. It would be uneasy at first but doing this all the time would let you feel more comfortable as you could inhale fresher air.

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Foods that Can Cause Stain on Your Teeth and Their Corresponding Solutions 

A beautiful white smile can definitely be the main factor to your confidence and self-esteem. If you are someone who suffers from discolored or stained teeth, there is no need to be concerned because there are professional and highly experienced orthodontists out there who are ready to assist you and cater all your needs. 

Stain on your Teeth 

A professional orthodontist is usually committed to assisting his clients to see the best possible results when talking about orthodontic and dental longevity. As a matter of fact, a good oral hygiene is more than just regular visits to an orthodontist. It basically means preserving your smile on a daily basis. That is the reason why it is very essential to be conscious of the foods that you are about to take. You want also to make sure that you are not eating a lot of foods that produce stain, and if you are, you should learn some techniques in order to reduce the impact it may bring to your teeth. 

The following are some of the foods which produce too much stain on your teeth and the corresponding solutions: 

  1. Tea and Coffee

Coffee and tea are quite very obvious however, these two are the biggest culprits that stain your teeth. Both of these contain natural compounds known as tannins which are actually attracted to enamel proteins and cause stain on your teeth. But to most individuals, giving up their everyday cup of tea or coffee is definitely not an option. 

Tea and Coffee Solution 

Because most individuals need caffeine just to get going in their daily chores, it is recommended to drink white or green tea (which have low tannins level). If you are not ready to change up your habit, then simply try combining it with milk to help lessen things up, at the same time, decrease teeth staining. 

  1. White Wine

You will not ever believe this but white wine is also one factor that stains your teeth. It seems unbelievable that something light in color may cause discoloration or staining however, just like tea and coffee, white wine is high in acid and tannins that are difficult to your teeth and lead to staining over time. 

White Wine Solution 

For adult clients that have braces, to enjoy a glass of white wine without the worrying about staining the teeth, it is recommended to brush your teeth at least 30 minutes to one hour right after taking a glass of white wine and also, drink a glass of water while sipping on your white wine. 

  1. Soda

Soda is also bad for your teeth. And because soda has dark color, it can basically lead to staining or discoloring of your teeth if taken in large amount. In addition to that, it is high in acid and sugar that contributes to teeth staining and is also bad for tooth enamel. 

Soda Solution 

It is always recommended to totally avoid drinking soda. However, if you cannot resist drinking soda, you can also prevent teeth staining or discoloration by using straw or you may switch to a clearer or lighter colored soda instead. 

If there are more damages to your teeth due to these beverages, it’s best that you contact a professional for an ortho treatment or other related dental care.

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